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OPC Server cho nhiều giao thức

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Part #



IGS 7.5 Basic 75 Points (M4 Part Only)


IGS 7.5 Basic Unlimited (M4 Part)


IGS 7.5 Basic Unlimited (M1 Part)


IGS 7.5 Premium Drivers


IGS 7.5 SNMP & Ping Driver



IGS 7.5 Basic Protocol Drivers

Advanced Simulator Driver
2 Allen-Bradley Bulletin 900
3 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
4 Allen-Bradley DF1
5 Allen-Bradley DH+
6 Allen-Bradley Ethernet
7 Allen-Bradley Unsolicited
8 Analog Devices
9 Aromat Ethernet
10 Aromat Serial
11 AutomationDirect Direct Net
12 AutomationDirect EBC
13 AutomationDirect ECOM
14 AutomationDirect K Sequence
15 Backhoff TwinCAT IO
16 Busware Ethernet I/O
17 Contrex M-Series
18 Contrex Serial
19 Cutler Hammer
20 Cutler Hammer ELC
21 Custom Interface
22 Dataforth isoLynx
23 DDE Client Driver
24 DeviceNet (Hilscher Universal)
25 Fuji Flex
27 GE Ethernet
28 GE Ethernet Global Data (EGD)
29 GE Focas1
30 Advanced Simulator Driver


33 Hilscher Universal Driver
34 Honeywell HC Ethernet
35 Honeywell UDC
36 Honeywell UDC Ethernet
37 Idec
38 Intelligent Actuator Super
39 InTouch Client Driver
40 IOTech PointScan 100
41 Krauss Maffei Ethernet
42 Memory Based Driver
43 Mettler Toledo Continuouos
Mode Serial
44 Micro-DCI
45 Mitsubishi CNC Ethernet
46 Mitsubishi Ethernet
47 Mitsubishi FX
48 Mitsubishi FX Net
49 Mitsubishi Serial
50 Modbus ASCII
51 Modbus Ethernet
52 Modbus Plus
53 Modbus RTU Unsolicited
54 Modbus Serial
55 ODBC Client Driver
56 Omron FINS Ethernet
57 Omron FINS Serial
58 Omron Host Link
59 Omron Process Suite
60 Omron Toolbus
61 OPC DA Client Driver
62 Optimation OptiLogic
63 Opto 22 Ethernet 

64 Partlow ASCII
65 Philips P8/PC20
66 Profibus (Hilscher Universal)
67 SattBus Ethernet SattBus Serial
68 Scanivalve Ethernet
69 Siemens S5
70 Siemens S5 3964R
71 Siemens S7 200
72 Siemens S7 MPI
73 Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet
74 Siemens TCP/IP Unsolicited
75 Simatic 505 Ethernet
76 Simatic 505 Serial
79 SquareD Serial
80 System Monitor
81 Telemecanique Uni-Telway
82 Thermo Westronics Ethernet
83 Thermo Westronics Serial
84 Tiway Host Adapter
85 Torque Tool Ethernet
86 Toshiba Ethernet
87 Toshiba Serial
88 Toyopuc PC2 Serial
89 Toyopuc PC3/PC2 Ethernet
90 User-Configurable (U-CON)
91 WAGO Ethernet
92 Yaskawa Memobus Plus
93 Yaskawa MP Ethernet
94 Yaskawa MP Serial
95 OPC UA client plug-in
96 Yokogawa Controller Serial 

97 Yokogawa CX
98 Yokogawa Darwin
99 Yokogawa DX
100  Yokogawa DXP
101  Yokogawa HR
102  Yokogawa MW100
103  Yokogawa MX100
104  Yokogawa YS100 


IGS 7.5 Premium Package
1 BACnet I/P
2 Fisher ROC Serial
3 Fisher ROC Plus Serial
4 Triconex Ethernet
5 DNP Master Ethernet and serial
IGS 7.5 SNMP Package
2 Ping 

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