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GEFanuc HMI:Quick Panel View and Control.


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Quick Panel HandHeld


Quick Panel 15"



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Multi-Platform Development Accelerator

Due to the rising complexly and special requirements for custom applications in many of todaychr39s industries, companies often need tools that enable greater flexibility and customization for high speed data visualization. Dataviews meets this demand by delivering a set of high quality graphic visualization development tools that transform data into visualized information via an open API. Dataviews enables developers to effectively and efficiently create complex, high performance, customized interfaces for their control and visualization applications. DataViews can be found in many different industries for a wide variety of custom applications including an onboard combat tank battlefield identification system, a metropolitan traffic control system, and a warship damage control system.

Dataviews is available for a wide variety of platforms including Windows, Unix, VMS and Linux.

For customers requiring product registration, please use the links below.



Increased Productivity

Added Flexibility & Customization

Powerful Connectivity

Cost Effectiveness

Global Access & Support


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